Speak Out

  • Contact the Rockingham County Commissioners and ask they represent our concerns.

Letter Writing

  • How to write a 'letter to the editor', or LTE

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  • NC DEQ Environmental Justice Community Mapping Tool

  • Health risks of gas pipelines and compressor stations

  • Risks of overbuilding gas pipelines in Appalachia

  • No trespassing sign for landowners being harassed by MVP Southgate

  • Stoneville, NC opposes MVP Southgate

  • Alamance County, NC opposes MVP Southgate

  • Impacts of the MVP Southgate and growing resistance 

  • Rockingham County residents organize against MVP


Good Stewards is an accredited 501(c)3 organization based in Stoneville, NC. Our mission is to protect and preserve the environment for current residents and the generations to come.  

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