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Click the image to see our presentation of local history as part of our Teach Truth Pledge 2022!

Teach Truth 2022

On June 12th, Good Stewards and Outdoor Afro GSO paddled the Dan River in Stokes County and learned of Indigenous, Freed, and Enslaved People's history on these lands and waters. President Valencia Abbott began our day with a land recognition to the Saura followed by an offering of libations to ancestors from both Indigenous and POC heritage.

This day and every day, we Pledge to Teach Truth and support Teachers who do as well!


Protect What You Love

Good Stewards protect and restore our environment through actions that build informed and resilient communities. The best way to sustainably protect what we love is by creating a culture that appreciates and respects all we have on Earth, including each other. 

We recognize that environmental work cannot be completed with tunnel vision. There are many important interconnections involved, such as environmental justice and systemic racism, and we cannot ignore their significance or the parts they must play in this work.

We believe access to a clean environment is a human right, but not everyone is treated fairly in their pursuit of happiness. Those voices are the ones we seek to support and amplify the most. 

Salem College at Belews Lake
Salem College at Belews Lake
Mad Bean Launch Party
Mayo and Dan River cleanup 10/12/19
Laurelyn Dossett
Mayo River Cleanup
Mayo State Park
Hanging Rock Cascades Trail
Lover's Leap
Sunset from the banks of the Dan
Fall Creek Falls

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The Dan River from above. Good Stewards conducts regular aerial patrols with SouthWings.

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