Good Stewards of Rockingham County was formed in June of 2014 to protect and care for all our resources: air, land and water. We are a group of local volunteers dedicated to preserving our resources and committed to sharing the information we have collected so residents may protect themselves from powerful and big polluting industries. We are welcoming to everyone and if you are passionate about preserving our lifestyle, we would be glad for you to join us.

In an effort to better protect and restore our waterways in the Dan River Basin, we began discussion in 2018 to form the Dan Riverkeeper and were accepted by the global Waterkeeper Alliance in June of 2019. Providing a Dan Riverkeeper and being part of the Waterkeeper Alliance provides a host of resources and information, including water quality testing, to help keep the Dan River Basin clean and safe for our wildlife, residents and the generations to come. 

The Dan Riverkeeper will be your full time water quality guardian in all sections of the Dan River Basin, dedicated to protecting your waters and restoring them to a condition that few today have seen. With your help we can provide frequent water quality testing, regular patrols and engage communities so we may identify threats and advocate for proper enforcement and further legislation to protect this precious resource. Learn about what we are doing here.


Protecting our resources.

Our main focus at this time is educating citizens, townships and elected leaders about the dangers of the proposed MVP Southgate project that would bring a major 'fracked' natural gas pipeline through our region's farms, homes and rivers.

No local need, No local use, No local Jobs - No eminent domain for private gain! 

It is time to diversify our energy sources and invest in renewable technology to secure the future of our natural resources. Fracked gas poses risks to the public and the environment from its point of extraction to the point of use. Learn More

We are proud members of the Frack Free NC Alliance

Good Stewards of Rockingham is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

EIN 84-2431276

Board Members

Valencia Abbott ~ President

Stesha Warren ~ Secretary & Treasurer

Gary 'Buck' Purgason

Brooks Miller

Ann Brady

Ridge Graham

Dr. Nancy White

Jeremy Warren


Steven Pulliam ~ Dan Riverkeeper


Good Stewards is an accredited 501(c)3 organization based in Stoneville, NC. Our mission is to protect and preserve the environment for current residents and the generations to come.  

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