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Coal Ash Cleanup

Dan River Basin residents are no stranger to the dangers of coal ash. The 2014 Eden, NC coal ash spill into the Dan River was one of the largest ever in our nation, leaking 39,000 tons of coal ash and 27 millions gallons of wastewater into our river. Through the years of litigation and cleanup efforts only an estimated 10% of the contamination was removed. Many municipalities in both NC and VA rely on the Dan River for their water supply and countless residents and tourists flock to the river each season for enjoyment. The coal ash spill of 2014 had a huge negative impact on our residents and economy. We must take all action to prevent these incidents in the future. 


The best option to prevent future coal ash contamination at all remaining storage facilities is removal by excavation and transportation to lined landfills to secure our water quality, environment and public health. North Carolina and Virginia have both taken recent steps to do just this. Virginia Governor Ralph Northom signed legislation in March, 2019 ordering the excavation of Dominions coal ash storage facilities in Virginia and the NC Department of Environmental Quality ordered Duke Energy to excavate their remaining sites in April, 2019, though Duke has since appealed the decision. Read more here.

Good Stewards will continue advocating for coal ash removal by excavation in both states until the sites are finished. The Dan Riverkeeper will provide unbiased and accurate water quality testing during the entire process to ensure environmental and public health remains safe, and bring action to the areas that are not.  We also stand in support of NC House Bill 567 that would prevent Duke Energy and other utilities from recovering costs of these cleanups from their ratepayers. Contact your NC Representative today and show your support for HB 567 and tell them to make Duke Energy, not their customers, foot the bill. Find your NC Reps here

Please join us in our fight for coal ash excavation! Become a member, donate or volunteer.

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