Environmental Justice

We believe all people have a right to a clean environment and access to natural resources regardless of race, religion, nationality, culture or socioeconomic status. The Dan Riverkeeper will advocate for clean water on the behalf of all people and provide interaction with the undeserved and sometimes altogether ignored communities that have expressed their concern with environmental polluters for decades.


Typically, minority populations and/or people of low income bare the worst costs of pollution and overall neglect in their environment. Big and powerful companies do not plan pipeline routes or chemical emitting facilities in these areas with no thought but with careful mapping of the path of least resistance. These communities cannot readily afford a years long court battle and many may be unaware of the dangers presented altogether. They cannot afford to put life on hold and move to another location, and certainly shouldn't have to. Environmental justice concerns have become even more apparent in recent years during battles against projects like the Atlantic Coast Pipeline on the East coast, which threatens black and indigenous communities almost exclusively along it's route. 

The ability to drink clean water, breath clean air and live on clean land are God given rights, necessities to the very foundation of life. It is equally important to protect our neighbor's rights to life as it is our very own. Pollution knows no boundaries and neither should the people, groups and communities who fight for clean resources. 

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality has been required to create an Environmental Justice mapping tool by settlement with the Waterkeeper Alliance and other groups in the state. The Dan Riverkeeper has signed onto comment and improvement letters to the DEQ system on behalf of Good Stewards of Rockingham to encourage proper implementation of the program. Click the pdf link below to view the EJ Comments. The system can be accessed here.




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Good Stewards is an accredited 501(c)3 organization based in Stoneville, NC. Our mission is to protect and preserve the environment for current residents and the generations to come.  

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