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Rock The Pantry


It's a simple action: drop any non-perishable food and supplies at one of our drop boxes. We will handover all items to Rockingham County Schools so they can get it where it's needed the most.

Drop-off Locations are in the map below!

Our school personnel are rocking it! Many of our teachers, cooks, admin and others are working tirelessly to provide lunch and breakfast to children who rely on their schools for sustenance. They are going above and beyond, as always, and need your help. Many families are in need of additional food and supplies during the closure! If our communities can provide the food, RCS will get it to those in need. 

Don't want to go out? Let us do the shopping!

Monetary donations can be made via PayPal to

100% will be used to purchase supplies for those in need.

Rockingham County Schools "Need Food!" Hotline is 336-627-2723

Free Meal Locations Map Below!

Reach out!


Request Donations for Your School

Do NOT drop items at our schools! Use the remote drop-boxes so we may clean items, then deliver them. We need to minimize traffic at our schools so our school personnel and children stay safe and well!

Contact Steven Pulliam for additional information.

(336) 613-6109

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