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What is believed to be the largest uranium mine in the Unites States resides under an old plantation in Pittsylvania County, VA and has been a big interest to mining companies and other interested parties since the late 1970's. Virginia placed a moratorium on uranium mining in 1983 and has recently faced legislative and legal challenges to the rule. Fortunately, the US Supreme Court sided with Virginia on June 17, 2019 to uphold the mining ban indefinitely.

As good as this news is, we must keep check on this situation as uranium mining poses great risks to the environment and water quality throughout the Dan and Roanoke River Basins, and the potential $7 billion deposit will always be of interest. In addition to the risks to our environment, the workers and surrounding communities would be susceptible to many health ailments from gamma radiation and inhalation of debris. It is a huge risk that we cannot take. 

More info about risks of Uranium Mining

The Supreme Court Decision

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